What COVID-19 is teaching us about how we work

March 16, 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted how we do business and how we work. Many organizations are changing their employee’s working behavior, either mandating that they work from home or sending them to an authorized location to take conference calls. COVID-19 has accelerated organization’s needs to increase business resilience. However, the FCA and other regulatory bodies are still mandating that these businesses must take reasonable steps to meet their regulatory obligations.

How do you create a communication model that is compliant while employees are working in new locations?

At Movius, we are committed to compliant communications. We have built a solution, thinking mobile-first, so businesses can communicate with their clients, anywhere and on any device. We are experts in this field. Take it from Cantor Fitzgerald, who turned to Movius for mobile recording and MiFID II compliance.

We are here to help. We, along with industry experts Telstra and Finceler8, are hosting a webinar on Thursday, March 19th to talk about the current challenges that businesses are facing and how the Movius solution will enable business continuity throughout this crisis, as well as, building contingency plans for when something happens again.

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