Enable secure communication between caregivers and patients with MultiLine.

Secure communication

HIPAA-compliant calling and texting

Give your nurses and patient-facing staff a business number that allows them to call and message their patients while remaining completely compliant.

two numbers one phone
Capture everything

An auditable trail of all communications

Gain visibility into every exchange between caregivers and patients to ensure proper behavior and top-quality care.

Advanced tools

Message Opt-in and Message Redaction

Enable SMS opt-in to automatically capture patient consent to text, while SMS redaction prevents sensitive information from being shared over inappropriate channels.

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Easily comply with charting requirements

No manual entry

Export audio recordings of calls and message transcripts to include in patient medical records.

Improve operational efficiency

Ensure round-the-clock availability

Tools such as call forwarding and business scheduling allow your patients to reach someone, even if their normal provider is offline. And when a caregiver leaves, the number stays.


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