Microsoft Teams Texting

Microsoft Teams Texting

March 18, 2024

MultiLine by Movius enables you to send external texts and WhatsApp messages directly within Microsoft Teams. This innovation means that, with MultiLine, Microsoft Teams Texting has been transformed from an exclusively internal tool to a robust, universal communication platform.  

Unlocking the Full Potential Microsoft Teams Texting with MultiLine  

The MultiLine Microsoft Teams integration by Movius empowers users to effortlessly communicate externally with clients by enabling external texting.  

  1. Streamlined Workflows: The integration streamlines workflows by centralizing communication channels, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms for external messaging and controlling device fatigue. 
  2. Full Control Over Numbers: MultiLine provides users with full control over their business line numbers. All texts are captured in a central portal. Onboarding and reallocating numbers is a seamless processes which can take under two minutes.
  3. Enhanced Compliance Policies: MultiLine doesn’t just stop at convenience; it also offers robust features for capturing, recording, opt-in, redaction, and social messaging. This ensures that your external communications align with your organization’s policies and regulatory standards.
  4. Improved Collaboration: External texting within Microsoft Teams fosters improved collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. Team members can work together, share information, and communicate with clients without the need for additional communication tools.
  5. Time and Cost Savings: The MultiLine Microsoft Teams can result in time and cost savings by reducing the need for additional software or hardware, leading to more efficient operations. 

A Demo of the Innovation 

The advantage of external texting from Microsoft Teams lies in its ability to enhance communication, streamline workflows, and provide a secure and centralized platform for both internal and external interactions. This integration aligns with the modern workplace’s need for seamless, efficient, and collaborative communication tools. 

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