MultiLine for Financial Services

Close compliance gaps and open new channels for client engagement.


Trusted by top banks

MultiLine customers include some of the world’s largest, most security-conscious financial services firms. Our services have been deployed to thousands of wealth advisors, relationship managers, commercial bankers, traders, and mortgage brokers


Cover all your bases with gap-free compliance

Multiline captures every call, text, and WhatsApp message, with zero effort from your team. MultiLine helps enforce and prove compliance with MiFID II, FCA COBS 11.8, SOX, GLBA, FINRA Regulatory Notices 10-06 and 11-39, and SEC Rule 17a-4(b)(4). *

*Movius Corporation assumes no liability for the accuracy or completeness of this information. Please consult with an attorney for specific information on specific rules and regulations and how they apply to your business.


Texting bans don't work

Clients expect to be able to text and message with advisors. It’s not about whether advisors should text or use social messaging apps. It’s about how to enable it.

Use MultiLine for compliant multi-channel mobile messaging:

  • Build client trust with timely message conversations on SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, and LINE
  • Access cross-channel messages within a single app
  • Minimize no-shows by sending appointment reminders by text
  • Update clients on trade instructions, research, training, and transitions
  • Improve engagement and service levels without compromising record-keeping and other regulations
  • Automatically log text messages in Salesforce CRM

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two numbers one phone

New Times, New Solutions

Use MultiLine to go BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) across all areas of your firm, including regulated users. Retire costly physical devices and eliminate the dual-device hassle for employees.

  • MultiLine numbers are real carrier grade numbers that work over Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, or Cellular Voice. Many other voice applications can only use Wi-Fi or Data, but MultiLine offers true call from anywhere capability.
  • App-based solution ensures separation of work from personal, increasing employee adoption rate and reducing accidental work and personal communication mix-ups.

Airtight compliance no matter where work happens

MultiLine makes the hybrid and global workplace possible for regulated users. The service ensures that employees are reachable, productive, and compliant whether they’re working at home or in the office.

  • No visit to IT required for setup and configuration. Admins handle all the hard work.
  • Call and message directly within Microsoft Teams, within Salesforce CRM, from the MultiLine mobile app, or from the browser
Enterprise controls

Efficient and Transparent Administration

  • Easily set compliance policies for user groups – no action required by end-users to be compliant
  • Role-based access control for Admins grants only the tools needed for the job
  • Transparent admin audit logs provide confidence for your operations
  • Reliable reconciliation capabilities ensure consistent data
  • Compliance groups / Information Barriers enforce ethical communication policies
  • Real-time call and message reporting delivers instant insights to your business
  • Integrates with leading enterprise mobile security solutions


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