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Secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Say hello to cost savings. Say good-bye to security and privacy risks.


The phone is theirs. The number is yours.

Order numbers for your business and give them to users as easily as email addresses. Users simply download an app and activate their new business number. All they must do is use MultiLine for all work calling and messaging and the app handles the rest. Works on any smartphone and on top of any carrier.

two numbers one phone

Business is business. Personal is personal. MultiLine keeps it that way.

Calls, messages, contacts, and voicemail on MultiLine are completely separate and secure from the employee’s personal ones. It’s like having an entirely separate phone within the phone. Deploying the number within an application offers numerous advantages:

  • Gives users confidence whether the person calling them is calling them for work reasons or personal reasons
  • Prevents accidental calls and messages to work contacts from the personal number
  • Protects the privacy of personal calls and messaging app use
  • Allows freedom to have personal voicemail and work voicemail

Enterprise-grade security for your BYOD program

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) software, such as Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry Dynamics, and more, can manage MultiLine apps in the same way as other corporate apps and data, making it easy for your IT team to keep your data secure. 

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MultiLine works wherever you work.

MultiLine runs on WiFi, data, and cellular networks to provide optimum flexibility and superior voice quality. Employees can stay connected and productive most places they go, regardless of whether they have access to Internet. 


They like it as much as you do.

MultiLine works on any Android or Apple smartphone, over any carrier network. Employees can keep the device they love, along with the service plan that works best for them, without ever carrying a second device. MultiLine also works on Desktop, can integrate directly into Microsoft Teams, and can be used directly within Salesforce CRM.

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