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Secure BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device)

Say hello to cost savings. Say good-bye to security and privacy risks.


The phone is theirs. The number is yours.

Businesses retain their MultiLine phone numbers, so your new hire can take on the same contact their predecessor used. Companies can manage MultiLine numbers as easily as email addresses.


Business is business. Personal is personal. MultiLine keeps it that way.

The calls, messages, contacts, and voicemail on MultiLine are completely separate and secure from the employee’s native phone. It’s like having two independent devices with no data exchanged between them on one phone.


Enterprise-grade security for your BYOD program

The same EMM/ MAM software used to protect corporate data on other enterprise mobile apps can be secured on MultiLine.

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MultiLine works wherever you work.

MultiLine runs on WiFi, data, and cellular networks to provide optimum flexibility. Employees can stay connected and productive most places they go.


They like it as much as you do.

MultiLine works on any Android or Apple smartphone, over any carrier network. Employees can keep the device they love, along with the service plan that works best for them, without ever carrying a second device.

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Compliant Mobile Messaging

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