Digital Innovation Panel: How Financial Services Firms are Preparing for the New Normal

June 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a sudden shift from physical to digital. For months, Financial Services firms have had to swiftly put in place solutions to try to minimize the impact to employee productivity and client service when operating remotely. Now, more than ever, firms are turning to IT innovations to digitally transform their organization.

One thing we know for a fact – business leaders need to review and revise their business continuity and succession planning efforts. Firms must prepare for the worst-case scenarios in which key staff are unavailable. Executives who take proactive steps, now, can put their firm in better position to operate and succeed in the “new normal.”

Watch this on-demand webinar as Movius, UBS, Olivetree and FBD Insurance weigh in on how they managed through the COVID-19 crisis, what they are doing differently today and how they are accelerating digital transformation to build resilience and meet their client’s needs.

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