Compliance vs. Rainmakers Project

November 17, 2020

Author: Tara Panu

What Do Compliance and Revenue Teams Really Think About Each Other?

Today Movius launched something we’re calling the Compliance vs Rainmakers project. Embedded within the title is an implicit rivalry. Some might argue that they need not exist. We discovered that in practice, it’s unavoidable and as fractious as any sports rivalry.

The idea for the project is simple: We gave folks on both sides of the aisle an opportunity to share about each other anonymously. About a dozen did, and we printed the top stories on the site where individuals can read, learn, and share their own stories anonymously. 

Have a look for yourself:
Compliance vs Rainmakers A lurid look inside the famously fractious world of financial services.

The Compliance vs Rainmakers microsite (

If all we hoped to accomplish with this was to stoke the rivalry, we might have called it quits. But something interested emerged in this project that makes it bigger than just a piece of marketing: Both sides revealed a tremendous amount that they agree on and (often) aren’t seeing yet.

You hear it in the begrudging responses, “I say this half-jokingly” and “I get why they do it, but …” Members from both teams know that the world of financial services is changing rapidly. The shift to remote and hybrid took many by surprise—in an industry famed for its in-office culture and souped-up financial gadgetry (consider the trader turret), everyone’s trying to figure out how you maintain and grow client relationships despite it all, and despite the crush of new regulation. 

I believe that buried within all these stories is a handshake waiting to happen. Advisors, wealth managers, and investment bankers all need to create stronger, more personal connections at a distance—of the sort that SMS and WhatsApp excel at. And at the same time, compliance teams, overburdened and understaffed, need to capture and search all those conversations. 

With compliant mobile messaging, both get more of what they want. Calls and texts are automatically logged in the CRM. Sensitive information and account numbers are redacted from WhatsApp messages, which are also cracked open and tracked. Revenue team leaders can mine the call and text recordings for insights and to train their teams, and compliance managers can conduct swift searches for questionable terms like “guarantee.”

Both teams are working hard to make sense of a new world of work. Both have a lot to say about each other anonymously. And both have a lot to agree upon—and hopefully, soon, they’ll be doing it on the record.

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