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Texting Disclaimers: Options for Opt-In

July 26, 2023

Texting disclaimers help satisfy regulatory measures that protect consumers from unwanted messages and potential privacy violations. The regulation of consumer opt-in varies across different locations. Therefore, it’s important to check your local regulations before starting a texting program. This article will discuss two ways you can implement texting disclaimers Opt-In Disclaimer Only and Opt-In with Consent.

About Texting Disclaimers

Texting disclaimers add an extra layer of protection for both consumers and businesses. They inform recipients: (1) who is sending the messages, (2) the type and frequency of messages to expect, and (3) how to opt-out if they wish to stop receiving messages.

Opt-In Disclaimer Only

Opt-In Disclaimer Only is a texting disclaimer that does not require a mandatory response. In this flow, businesses provide consumers with a texting disclaimer, but the consumer is not required to respond with a “YES” to continue receiving messages. While consumers are not required to respond positively to the disclaimer, it should include clear instructions on how to opt-out. Typically, consumers can reply with keywords like “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” to discontinue receiving messages.

Opt-In with Consent

Opt-In with Consent is a texting disclaimer that requires a mandatory response. In this flow, businesses present consumers with a texting disclaimer and require them to respond with a specific keyword (such as “YES”) to give consent for receiving messages. Only after receiving the affirmative response will the business send further texts. The mandatory “YES” response ensures that businesses have explicit permission from consumers before engaging in communication. This step helps prevent unsolicited messages and enhances the security and privacy of consumers.  In some regions, laws and regulations may necessitate businesses to obtain explicit consent before sending marketing messages.

Example Texting Disclaimer with Consent

I hope this article helped you understand the two types of texting disclaimers. MultiLine by Movius automates texting disclaimers for your employees and allows full customization of the disclaimer text. We offer automatic upload of text messages and social messages (including opt-in messages and responses) into the customer’s archival system of choice. The organization is able to manage the archived text messages and social messages in their preferred platform, such as Dubber, Verint, Global Relay, NICE and more. If this gets you interested in getting MultiLine for your organization, you can easily schedule an intro call using the Movius chatbot. Try it out!


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