Movius Marketing Internships

April 27, 2023

Dive deep, get scrappy, and drive results for the sake of the organization—even if you’re at the beginning of your career. Here are five of our Movius marketing intern stories:  

Sam Grinis | Former Intern & current Brand Marketing Specialist  

Before May of 2019, Sam Grinis paid his rent through freelance photography gigs in the DC area.  The Marketing Department hired Sam as an intern videographer. He honed his skills in PremierPro, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Sam’s primary responsibility involved creating how-to videos, product videos, and demo videos to explain our SaaS solution for two numbers on one phone. Check out some of Sam’s early work here. At the end of his four-month contract, he was offered a full-time position in the company.  

For the past four years, Sam has been a Brand Marketing Specialist. He has designed our website, directed our social media presence, learned programming, articulated the value of our technology, and created innumerable marketing materials. Over the years he’s worked here, he has had the opportunity to take on more and more responsibility: so much that he now has been the direct report of two of the other interns listed in this article: Jake and Erika.  

When he was an intern, he learned the basics of design. With experience he developed an understanding of why and what to create to foster a presence in the B2B space, branding a secure business number which can be ported to any smartphone. 

Erika Aquino  | Current Graphic Marketing Intern 

Erika began her internship with Sam in 2023. During the selection process, Erika distinguished herself from other candidates because of her experience building an Instagram for a second-hand shop from the ground up. When Erika was offered the position, she felt nervous but excited to implement what she had learned from her previous experience as well as her degree in Marketing.  She had never worked in Saas model business before this internship. 

Erika’s primary responsibility involved handling day-to-day social media posts, graphic design, and data analysis of the success of each post. For posts that garnered attention, she asks why and investigates so she can replicate that success. For Movius, she works in Canva, Photoshop, and PremierPro. Erika has supported blogging efforts, email campaigns for Mobile World Congress, and brand sentiment analysis. Two months into her role, she expressed that she wanted to learn more about data analytics. Immediately, the team put her on the paid media data analytics call and she has twice shadowed scrum meetings concerning Power BI with Jane-Marie, mentioned later in this post.  

Erika feels that she has been given the right amount of responsibility for her to learn and succeed in her role.  

 Jacob Rubenstein 

While Sam and Erika handle the artistic side of Marketing, cultivating a Saas-model Business to Business (B2B) reputation involves technical product documentation: lots and lots of technical product documentation. Enter Jacob Rubenstein.  

 Jacob worked on the marketing team from December of 2019 to May of 2021. When asked to explain his role, he laughed, “I translated between Geek and English.”   

His primary responsibility was to proof, edit, and sometimes create master documents explaining the technology, especially the JSON configuration behind MultiLine. As Jacob proved he could handle more and more responsibility, he was given more opportunities to talk to the engineers.  “I got to touch so many different documents and writing styles, it was very helpful going into university.”  

Jacob notes, “[Interning at Movius] was one of the most rewarding experiences in a work environment so far. It challenged me to think. Every day there was some new thing to learn and to figure out.”   

Jake DeMaria 

Before Erika, Sam’s organization involved Jake DeMaria, who interned in the summer of 2022.  “I learned to listen and be open. John [the Head of Marketing] included me on a lot meetings I wouldn’t have been on otherwise because I’m an intern obviously…It was definitely a great experience because, even though it was remote, everyone interacted with each other, and I learned a lot.”   

Jake learned about B2B marketing by designing and planning graphics. The opportunity involved hands-on experience in the administration of professional LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. He designed posts by vertical: finance, healthcare, retail, et cetera. “To this day, if I see a commercial I really like I’ll look it up again,” Jake explains, “so it was cool to learn and grow my interest.”  

Jane-Marie Auret  | Current Product Marketing Content Writer

During Jake DeMaria’s internship, Jane-Marie also functioned as a Product Marketing Content Writer intern, analogous to Jacob’s role. Jane-Marie worked closely with Melanie Allen, the professional and experienced technical writer on our team, who runs the Help Center that hosts MultiLine’s end-user instructions and product documentation. Jane-Marie’s primary project involved auditing and updating the Help Center with Melanie, as well as supporting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.  

 Jane-Marie was also encouraged to work on Marketing’s data analytics on Google Looker and she was taught to write topical blogs on MultiLine. At the end of her four months, Jane-Marie was offered a position as Product Marketing Content Writer, and she’s still learning from Melanie and the rest of the team.  

Now Jane-Marie has a year of experience in Product Marketing. She has been responsible for the transition from Google Looker to Power BI to ensure the marketing team can make data-driven decisions. She and Melanie have built the blog tremendously, and they are happy to report that the number blog views have tripled from last year’s view count. Jane-Marie also runs email marketing, and she is increasingly involved in creating website copy and supporting enterprise lead generation.  

“I really couldn’t recommend the Marketing Internship enough.”  

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