Impact of AI in SaaS applications

Impact of AI in SaaS applications

August 25, 2023

At Movius, we’re excited about the way AI is disrupting SaaS applications. It offers new ways to transform customer experiences, help companies understand their customers better, enhance their security, predict trends, and add efficiency with automation.

Improving the customer experience

Today, SaaS applications use AI to understand customer interactions at a much deeper level. Properly used, this data helps companies anticipate their customer’s needs, personalize interactions, and proactively offer solutions.

For example, with Movius Service Intelligence AI, ARYA, we enable an unprecedented insight into call quality metrics. We use it to offer real-time support to users and timely reporting on how the service is working to our customers. For instance, when a customer reports a call quality problem, ARYA can instantly analyze the call records and create a ticket, leading to faster issue resolution and happier customers.

Understanding the customer

SaaS applications use Sentiment Analysis to analyze user communications to discover how customers feel about their product and services at scale. This insight is priceless, as it guides decisions for product enhancements and optimizations.

At Movius, we can enable an integration of MultiLine, our application that provides two numbers on one phone, with our Sentiment Analysis service, CLARE (Conversational Learning And Relationship Enhancement), to allow customers to use sentiment analysis to glean this information from their calls and messages. CLARE processes call transcripts generated with MultiLine Voice Recording to extract intelligence. It can identify:

  • Positive, negative, and neutral sentiment
  • Emotions such as happy, sad, angry, and more
  • Word frequency and topics of conversation
  • Product names, company names, or geographical locations

Implementing security

Some SaaS applications are using AI to identify and respond to suspicious patterns. In financial services, online banking and payment platforms can identify deviations from typical user behavior, such as an unexpected large transaction and flag for further investigation. In healthcare, these applications can detect patterns of overbilling, inappropriate coding, and other irregular activities.

Applications can also apply AI in cybersecurity to monitor network traffic, user activities, and system logs. This helps them more quickly identify unauthorized access and unusual data transfers or sharing of sensitive information.

Leveraging automation and efficiency

SaaS applications can streamline processes and increase efficiency. By automating repetitive tasks, human resources are freed up for more strategic initiatives. Routine customer queries can be handled by AI bots, while a human support team focuses on complex issues that require a personal touch.

For example, the Movius Conversational AI platform Curie powers spocto’s debt resolution and risk mitigation platform in India and the MENA region. Automating debt collection through AI enhances the entire debt recovery process. It not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of debt collection efforts but also fosters a more respectful and compliant approach that benefits lenders, borrowers, and the industry.

Getting ahead of the game

AI’s ability to process and analyze large amounts of data allows us to delve into predictive analytics. Companies using AI-powered SaaS applications can forecast trends, demands, and potential issues. This proactive approach enables us to allocate resources more efficiently, plan for scalability, and prevent problems before they arise.

Thanks for reading! I hope this article helps you understand the ways AI is impacting the SaaS industry. AI is shaping the future by providing methods for enhanced experiences, data-driven insights, and automation. Our commitment at Movius to leverage AI’s potential ensures that we stay at the forefront of this exciting disruption. To get notified when we post new blogs, subscribe below!

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