How Our MultiLine Solution Helps Ensure Your Business’ Mobile GDPR Compliance

May 24, 2018
On May 25th, Europe’s sweeping consumer data protection legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), finally goes into effect. And while it most directly affects EU-based companies, the reality is that all global enterprises supporting European businesses (i.e. via web services or cloud hosting) face the challenge of ensuring that they have systems and processes in place to operate legally within the EU.

This is where Movius comes in: Our enterprise-grade, global MultiLine application-based mobile service simplifies the process of compliance with the latest GDPR regulations.

Addressing GDPR’s Challenges to Enterprise Mobility Compliance
In order to be fully compliant with GDPR, your company must be buttoned up on issues of privacy, security, consent, data access rights and data breach notification. We address all aspects of these core GDPR tenets with proven, secure solutions you can trust.

Privacy by Design
Our Multiline Solution features privacy by design at its core by providing a secure business mobile number that is separate from employees’ SIM-card-based personal numbers on their phones. This clear separation between personal and professional calls is transparent; employees can easily differentiate between work and personal calls with a distinct visual identification.

Your employees can thus manage business communications on a single device with separate contacts, call and SMS logs, voicemail, scheduling, and more. And their personal data and activity on the primary (personal) line remains invisible and untouched by your company.

Additionally, we value your privacy, and want to make sure you’re aware of your options to control your data with Movius and the MultiLine service. We’ve recently made updates to our Privacy Policy (effective May 25th). These changes will reflect the increased transparency requirements of the GDPR. For more details, please review our Privacy Policy.

Security Guaranteed
We ensure that your sensitive data is securely protected with enterprise-grade administrative controls, data encryption, seamless integration with business workflows, and compliance adherence. Our platform is hosted by IBM® Bluemix®, providing a secure cloud platform that you can trust and hardened based on best-in-industry security standards.

From an IT perspective, this brings a sense of control and security and helps meet GDPR requirements by addressing areas of risk such as unauthorised users, ensuring approved apps enablement and application management, ensuring that your critical business information is always protected. Movius solution provides built-in EMM integration.

Customer consent for you to send them specific categories of messages or types of content is crucial. Effectively managing your relationship with your customers is key to securing their trust and ongoing engagement; this includes how and when you send them messages. You also have to be 100% certain that you only share your customer’s data with a third party if you have their explicit consent to do so, confirming under what circumstances it may be shared and subsequently used.

Under GDPR, employers are prohibited from recording and storing an employee’s personal calls on a business provided device. MultiLine enables you to be MIFID II (directive for financial services regulated entities) compliant while the employees use personal device for business use.

Data Access Rights

Movius MultiLine provides call and text recording features. Any companies wishing to continue recording their clients’ calls will be required to give a legal justification explaining why personal data is being recorded. This justification should fall under any of the following six conditions:

  • The caller has clearly and positively given consent to be recorded.
  • Recording is required to fulfill contractual obligations to a client.
  • Recording is a legal obligation in certain situations.
  • Recording is necessary to protect the interest or life of a client.
  • Recording is needed for the exercise of an official authority.
  • The company has a legitimate interest in recording and is using personal data as clients would expect and with a minimal impact on their privacy.

Movius’s compliant mobile voice and SMS recording aids in eDiscovery, training, dispute resolution, and quality assurance. Our Multiline solution integrates with leading archival platforms to provide long-term archiving capabilities, ensuring business communications are logged, tracked, and archived for eDiscovery.

Data Breach Notification
We monitor all aspects of compliance, and if/when there is a breach, coordinate with our data controllers (i.e. Telstra, Sprint) to alert you.

Our proven MultiLine solution used by thousands of customers worldwide are designed to play a critical part in combatting the challenges presented by GDPR and other global privacy regulations and help you ensure that the management, security and compliance of your confidential data is fully under control.

If you have questions about GDPR’s “privacy by design” imperative or any other aspect of the legislation, please let us know. We’re here to help you secure, manage and protect your company’s mobility with ease.

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