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HIPAA-Compliant Texting: what you need to know

October 31, 2023

Here’s what you need to know about HIPAA-compliant texting.

HIPAA-compliant texting requirements

SMS messaging of clients is not necessarily noncompliant with HIPAA as long as the proper security measures are in place. In order for any text message to remain HIPAA compliant it must meet the following requirements.

  1. A system must be implemented to monitor the activity of authorized users when accessing PHI.
  2. Those with authorization to access PHI must authenticate their identities with a unique, centrally-issued username and PIN.
  3. Policies and procedures must be introduced to prevent PHI from being inappropriately altered or destroyed.
  4. Data transmitted beyond an organization’s internal firewall should be encrypted to make it unusable if it is intercepted in transit.

Source: HIPAAJournal.com

Penalties for violations

The penalties for non-compliant texting with patients vary based on tiers related to the assessed level of culpability.

Penalty Tier Level of Culpability Min. Penalty per Violation Max. Penalty per Violation Annual Penalty Limit 
Tier 1 Lack of Knowledge $127 $63,973 $1,919,173
Tier 2 Reasonable Cause $1,280 $63,973 $1,919,173
Tier 3 Willful Neglect $12,794 $63,973 $1,919,173
Tier 4 Willful Neglect not Corrected within 30 days $63,973 $1,919,173 $1,919,173

Source: HIPAAJournal.com

HIPAA-compliant texting solutions

At Movius, we drive success in the MedTech field for our software solution that manages mobility, reduces cost, and delivers improved efficiency across the enterprise. MultiLine by Movius™ adds a HIPAA-compliant texting and voice with a dedicated number to any smartphone.

  • Monitoring: MultiLine Admins have complete control over which compliance features are turned on for a MultiLine user, such as call or message recording, ensuring compliance gap-free oversight.
  • Authorized access: MultiLine authorizes users before allowing access to the number for calling, texting, or social messaging. The Movius platform also authorizes admins and provides a complete and transparent admin activity reports.
  • Encryption: All MultiLine messages are encrypted end-to-end through our secure platform to your hospital’s compliance archive.

Why Phone 3.0™

Check out a video about MultiLine for healthcare here and learn how Phone 3.0™ is changing the landscape of mobile patient care.

  1. Agnostic (MultiLine works on any device and over any carrier)
  2. Secure – all channels of communications (Voice / SMS / Social Messaging e.g. WhatsApp)
  3. 100% software driven (no upfront hardware costs)
  4. Flexible APIs
  5. Seamless integration of all workflows across the health system
  6. AI-powered platform with real-time insight and reporting

If you are an administrative official in the healthcare industry, schedule 30 minutes to talk to one of our HIPAA-compliant texting experts here.

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