5 Awesome features of MultiLine

Five awesome features of MultiLine by Movius  

July 20, 2023

MultiLine is a compliant and secure software solution for business communication. With MultiLine, employees bring their own smartphones to work and companies can port a dedicated, proprietary business line onto their smartphones. That’s right—two numbers on one phone. MultiLine provides a secure and compliant way to have business phone lines using your existing smartphone. This is what we like to call Phone 3.0™.

But what makes MultiLine so great? Here are five awesome features of MultiLine by Movius.

1- MultiLine is reliable, advanced software

    1. MultiLine is NOT VoIP-only. It does not need an internet connection to work, but rather utilizes a real, carrier-grade phone number ported to employees’ phones as software. This is called, “Phone 3.0.” 
    2. MultiLine is patented with a unique ability to run on data, WiFi, and cellular minutes. Whatever type of connection is available to you, MultiLine can pick it up like a phone. 
    3. Whether your employees use T-Mobile, Mint Mobile, or a mixture of all different carriers, MultiLine works on any phone service provider. It even works on pre-paid smartphones. 
    4. MultiLine works on any smartphone: Android or iOS. 
    5. MultiLine never touches the native phone’s SIM card and therefore never interacts with the user’s personal data. The creators designed MultiLine to separate work from business and respect personal privacy.  

2- MultiLine is a comprehensive communication platform with many channels

The platforms which you would normally use to communicate are available on MultiLine as part of your dedicated business line. The channels include: 

    1. SMS text message 
    2. Picture messaging and group messaging are available
    3. Voice calling 
    4. WhatsApp (and we use the official Meta Business Account so users aren’t constantly inconvenienced by updates)  
    5. WeChat 

3- MultiLine saves money

  1. MultiLine is designed to be affordable and cost-effective 
  2. As a Saas solution, MultiLine requires no upfront investment of hardware  
  3. There is no liability for damage to property 
  4. You can calculate the corporate cost savings here: https://help.moviuscorp.com/help/deploying-multiline#quantify-the-savings 

4- MultiLine saves time

  1. As a software solution, a company can configure MultiLine with a zero-touch IT approach. The configurations can be changed without waiting around for external services or hardware.
  2. Users can call and message using MultiLine from:
    1. the mobile app
    2. desktop app
    3. or even within applications such as Microsoft Teams and Salesforce CRM.
  3. Activating the app can take less than a minute, which makes onboarding very easy.
  4. When you implement MultiLine as a corporate solution, you own all the numbers. When personnel come and go, administrators can easily assign, reassign, and deactivate numbers.

5- MultiLine protects valuable business information because it is secure and compliant

  1. All calls and messages on the MultiLine platform are end-to-end encrypted.
  2. MultiLine Admin Portal has robust access control allows transparency with comprehensive records of all administrator actions. 
  3. MultiLine ensures an auditable trail of communications to reduce your legal exposure and has the most powerful reconciliation for calls and messages on the market. 
  4. MultiLine can easily integrate into any archival system you use and prove that data is secure and untampered at all stages of its journey.
  5. MultiLine upholds the highest standards of data protection and is compliant with GDPR and many other industry regulations. Learn more here: https://help.moviuscorp.com/help/deploying-multiline#multiline-security 

Thank you for reading this information about our 5 awesome features!


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