Ensuring Business Continuity Amid Uncertainty Over the COVID-19 Coronavirus

March 3, 2020

Your Client Communications Blueprint for Business Continuity Amid Uncertainty Over the COVID-19 Coronavirus


There are so many reasons for companies to prioritize business continuity planning and execution. As businesses of every size in every industry consider the implications of the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak – from unforeseen last-minute cancellations to changes of plans for typical face-to-face business communications – we’re faced with another reminder of why seamless mobile-first communications is so important. Just in the past week, 80% of our clients have come to us to scale and add more lines to ensure they are able to serve their customers in a secure and compliant way while balancing their employees’ safety.

Amid the worldwide preparedness scramble, it’s important to remember that employees and customers alike who might otherwise like to meet in person can turn to channels that are both high tech and high touch – trustworthy, seamless and personal.

Our commitment to our clients 

At Movius, we are dedicated to delivering seamless and secure connectivity between businesses and their clients – across any channel or endpoint – to improve communication efficiency, compliance and business continuity no matter the circumstance. We offer a turnkey solution to get businesses up and running within minutes. And we’re software-based, which means easier, faster administration and control for global deployments, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our MultiLine solution suited to address this need from a secure communications perspective. We provide a separate business number on an employee’s personal or corporate-owned device through a mobile application with optional built-in voice and text capture, powering secure and compliant client communications.

This is a benefit that is more important than ever given how the COVID-19 outbreak is moving swiftly and industries from financial services to healthcare and beyond are having to ask employees to work from home or stay grounded in certain regions but cannot afford to have any lapse in their client continuity and service.

Ensuring business continuity with MultiLine 

We’re hearing from customers daily with urgent needs to accommodate their global teams of employees.  “Keeping the lights on” – and the communication flowing – both in normal times and in highly unusual ones is core to what we do. All companies must have contingency plans in place to deal with major events so that they are able to continue operating effectively and compliantly.

In finance, for example, ensuring that communication with clients continues is critical in providing enough liquidity for markets to deal with the volatility that has been sparked by fears about the virus outbreak’s economic impact. Regulatory oversight challenges associated with working from remote locations mean that Movius’ solutions are more relevant now than ever. We help our financial services clients ensure that their traders, investment bankers and wealth advisors can communicate and conduct compliant transactions for their clients, even while remote.

As businesses across industries move swiftly to scale work-from-home capabilities, it is our priority to enable companies to continue doing business and generating revenue, without compromising employee safety and productivity. Communication tools must be reliable and secure – ensuring productivity and guarding against the data loss that can happen when employees default to personal devices to respond to customer needs on the fly.  They must also work seamlessly with your workflows and meet rigorous compliance standards.

How we can help 

The following are reasons why MultiLine is the choice for so many enterprises across various industries:

  • We leverage secure, mobile-first, cloud-based communications to continue business operations and ensure client communications and deliverables are met in a timely manner.
  • We empower an organization’s front-line to communicate from anywhere, anytime and on any device so that they stay connected with their clients without disruption.
  • We enable a service that enterprises can stand up instantly, deploying a secure app over an employee’s existing device and carrier for protected and reliable voice and text communications over WiFi, data, and cellular.
  • We can be deployed within a corporate container if a business has an existing enterprise mobility management (EMM) or mobile device management (MDM) solution in place.
  • We provide built-in call and text capture so that all business conversations are recorded and retained for audit and archival – a business imperative for regulated firms.
  • We offer immediate options for instant archive and retrieval of communications so business can be compliant without compromise.

Additional resources and best practices 

At Movius we are committed to enabling you to keep your employees safe and your customers receiving the level and continuity of service they require to continue to drive business forward. When your front-line staff are not able to get to the office or meet their clients in person, Movius provides a platform where they can still connect and conduct business with their clients, in a secure and efficient manner.

Here are some additional resources to help you get up and running using MultiLine:

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