3 Uses for Mobile Recording Beyond Regulatory Compliance

June 11, 2019

3 Uses for Mobile Recording Beyond Regulatory Compliance

Customer experience is a critical part of any business, but as customer demands change, it is important that security and privacy measures keep up. Clients now want to connect across a variety of channels; everything from SMS texting to WhatsApp and WeChat. So how can you meet their demands without compromising compliance? It’s easy: mobile recording.Mobile recording for text and calls is mandatory for industries such as financial services and healthcare, but, even when it is not a requirement, mobile recording can greatly enhance any business. At the simplest level, call and text recording can offer your business a way to monitor the customer experience as it unfolds, ensure legal regulatory compliance, and unlock unique customer insights.

  1. Quality Assurance

Mobile recording enables customer-facing employees to focus 100% of their attention on client interaction. Automating the process for recording calls and texts allows those records to be forwarded to multiple sources for review, ensuring that no information slips through the cracks. It also allows managers to retrieve and listen to those records to ensure that agents are meeting the company standards for quality and satisfaction to deliver the best customer experience possible. 

  1. Brand Protection

Call recording could potentially be your business’ strongest line of defense when it comes to disputes between customer and corporate. ‘He-said, she-said’ arguments have a tendency to devolve into lengthy, expensive legal battles, but are easily and quickly resolved when you can produce records of every interaction between the individuals in question.By automating the documentation process, mobile recording also protects from potential risks and company exposure. It also eliminates the need for hours of tedious paperwork and manual data entry, thereby erasing the possibility of human errors and oversights.

  1. Build Customer Personas

Mobile recording goes beyond customer service or protection; record portfolios allow for better understanding of individual customers. It helps to build different persona and demographic profiles which allow for tailored care and interaction. Understanding customers in more detail also offers insight into trends, industries, and market patterns, thus equipping you to create better marketing strategies in order to present more relevantly in these spheres. These patterns and data points facilitate proactive action: what are my customer’s primary concerns, so I can address them in advance with future clients? What information do they usually ask for, so I am already prepared with the answers and content?

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