MultiLine by Movius for Microsoft Teams

Call and text from Teams

MultiLine by Movius for Microsoft Teams allows you to call and text your clients from your MultiLine business number without ever leaving the Teams window.

MultiLine Messaging for Microsoft Teams

Text on a secure, dedicated business number.

MultiLine Messaging App used for texting using a Multiline number within Microsoft Teams, allows communicating inside and outside the Organization. You can respond to your messages inside Teams or from the MultiLine app, whichever is convenient.

MultiLine Messaging App offers the following functionality:

  • 1:1 SMS and Social Messaging
  • Group SMS Social Messaging
  • Group Messaging orchestration (add MultiLine user to chat, leave chat, remove MultiLine user from chat, share history, and more)
  • Picture Messaging
  • Add and edit contacts
  • Search contacts
  • Compliance flows such as message recording, Opt-In, redaction, archival, and more.

The MultiLine Messaging App is available on Microsoft AppSource.

MultiLine Voice for Microsoft Teams

MultiLine Voice integration with Microsoft Teams used for calling with  offers the following functionality:

  • Integrate the MultiLine business number directly into Teams calling.
  • Make and answer calls from Teams when you Internet or Data is available or your MultiLine app for high quality voice over cellular, data, or WiFi, for constant connectivity.
  • Stay compliant with call recording, call recording announcement, archival, and more.


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