Deliver top-notch customer engagement


Sales, support, and relationship management roles can engage clients across mobile channels—voice, text, WhatsApp—from a single interface, on a secure business line.

Contact customers on the channels they prefer

Enable Multi-channel communications

Whether customers want to call, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, or LINE – being where customers are helps reduce friction and enhance your readiness to meet their needs and provide ultimate responsiveness.

MultiLine social messaging connectors allow MultiLine users to communicate with people using the social messaging platform from official business accounts.

Social messaging platforms want businesses to interact with users on their platforms according to their rules. By following policies and using official business accounts, both business users and consumers on the platforms have a better experience.

Manage turnover and seasonal work

Customer Continuity

When an employee leaves or changes roles, you can easily reassign the number to the employee taking over the role to keep it simple for your customers. Provision phone numbers for new employees as easily as email addresses.

Yes. MultiLine administrators are able to immediately suspend or delete a MultiLine account.

Yes. When deleting a MultiLine account you can automatically forward calls and tag the number to indicate how it should be used.

Yes. You can port in existing mobile or landline numbers to be used in MultiLine.

Extend your internal communications tool for outbound communications

Teams Integration

Give users one mobile number with full compliance features they can use within Microsoft Teams or from the mobile MultiLine app.

1:1 SMS Messaging and Social Messaging , Group SMS Messaging and Social Messaging, Picture Messaging, Add and edit contacts, Exchange directory contact search

Make selling easy

Salesforce Integration

  • Call or text from the MultiLine utility directly within Salesforce. Add notes to the call directly from the utility.
  • MultiLine automatically logs calls and texts to the customer account, saving employees valuable time and effort.
  • Click-to-call or click-to-text directly from phone number links as they appear within Salesforce
  • Set Office Hours and automatically respond to incoming texts with Out-of-Office responses



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