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Meet retention requirements

Unified Mobile Recording

Capture everything: voice, text, and WhatsApp, with a single solution that works on any device or network. Review, search, and analyze all business conversations to enforce policy and mitigate risk.

We offer a simple method for your enterprise to receive permanent copies of your call, SMS, and (if enabled) WhatsApp message activity for compliant archival.

Yes, all administrator activity is logged and available on demand.

Yes, administrator permissions can be managed and specialized by the Enterprise admin.

Yes. Movius MultiLine is ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Yes. SOC 3 Report available on request.

No, it is not possible for a user to turn off SMS or instant message capture from MultiLine apps. Our message recording feature is designed for users who need their messages recorded for compliance purposes, and therefore, only administrators have the ability to turn message on or off for a user.

Enforce ethical walls

Compliance Groups

Set up compliance groups so that users in your organization that shouldn’t communicate together are prevented from doing so.

Highly regulated industries use information barriers to avoid conflicts of interest and safeguard internal information.

The message will be blocked and an auto-message will inform the user about the company policy. An admin report of the blocked message will be generated.

Compliance tools

Opt-In and Redaction

  • Automatically send non-MultiLine users text disclaimers and collect users consent to message
  • Automatically block offensive language and sensitive information, such as PII. We can customize for your lexicon policy.

Redaction works using regular expression strings set by the organization. The business can determine whether only to redact the prohibited content or the entire message.

Companies can configure a disclaimer that lets people know they're being messaged by a business and can opt out at any time.

Companies can configure a message that requires people to message "YES" before allowing business communications to continue. This consent is then stored in reports for compliance purposes.



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