Separate Mobile Devices – Hillary Clinton

April 16, 2016

Unless you live under a rock, you have likely heard about the firestorm that Hillary Clinton is currently under for using a separate, personal e-mail account while she was secretary of state. While she has since released all e-mails related to her work, both government officials and the public have viewed this action as a breach of security that will likely overshadow her candidacy as a presidential candidate in 2016.
Speaking in her defense at the United Nations yesterday, Clinton defended her use of a private email account stating that, while she followed all rules and regulations, it was simply a matter of “convenience” and that she didn’t want to have to carry around two separate devices.

While many government and business professionals do still carry around separate devices for work and personal use, smartphones now allow for multiple email accounts on the same device. However, whether you are Secretary of State or simply a business executive, this does not resolve the issue around security.

Multiple identity solutions, such as Movius Corporation’s myIDs Secure, are quickly getting attention from mobile industry analysts and the marketplace for their ability to allow users to simply switch between identities on a single mobile device. This means that with a swipe of your finger, you can switch from your personal emails, text messages and contacts to those related to your business. To address security concerns, the service from Movius offers security levels for accessing enterprise data that meet Department of Defense (DoD) specifications and firewall capabilities that keep personal data, online searches and phone calls completely separate and private.

While several global mobile carriers, including Orange and Telefonica, have already begun implementing multiple identity offerings as part of their services, businesses are particularly interested in the technology because it allows them to embrace the growing ($72 billion) Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, enabling them to save costs affiliated with purchasing devices and plans for new employees. With the split-billing features of Movius myIDs Secure, both data and call charges are invoiced separately to the employer and the employee. And unlike other multiple identity solutions, Movius myIdentities provides a much higher quality of service by leveraging both VoIP and cellular TDM.

I believe that had our top government offices implemented technology such as this, Ms. Clinton would not be in the position she is in defending her use of separate e-mail accounts.

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