See It First: Sprint’s New MultiLine Spot

May 2, 2018

Sprint’s new spot for its MultiLine solution eloquently illustrates how simple our technology makes it to use one mobile device to manage both a business number and a personal one.

Sprint’s MultiLine solution is powered by our technology, so the problem of putting an effective partition between business and personal matters on one device – regardless of what carrier the employee uses – is easily and efficiently solved. As illustrated in the video, the Sprint MultiLine app turns an employee’s smartphone into a fully featured work phone, including SMS, voicemail, call recording and more. Best of all, it’s a simple process for businesses to deploy this sophisticated solution that includes security compliance, cost savings and choice for the company, and privacy, fairness and choice for the employee.

As Sprint notes, the number a customer uses to call your business is crucial, because the professional relationship is attached to it. When that phone number is an employee’s personal line, businesses lose control of the customer relationship. This solution allows companies to keep the number and easily reassign it when an employee exits.

Other benefits of our technology that Sprint highlights include how it supports compliance with industry regulations, like Dodd-Frank, by enabling call and text recording. It also saves companies money on device purchases, services and support. The detailed mobile business usage analytics supports optimizing employee mobile phone stipends, and overall, employee satisfaction is boosted by allowing people to use the device they want, from the carrier they want.

Kudos to Sprint for producing such a great ad. (We especially love the smile on the dog’s face – even a canine can appreciate making life easier for his mom!)

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