Secure communication’s role in higher education? 

April 3, 2023

What is secure communication’s role in higher education? 

Professors, administrators, and principal investigators can all benefit from MultiLine by Movius’ innovative mobile communications service.  


Administrators need to communicate a variety of messages to four main groups: 

  • Faculty in higher education

    • Administrators may need to call faculty to discuss student-related matters. They also may need to inform faculty of meetings or changes to scheduled meetings.  
  • Prospective students 

    • Prospective students need to access information about admissions, program details, open house events, financial aid, and campus tours. MultiLine can help administrators provide personalized support to prospective students at every stage of the admissions process. 
  • Current students  

    • MultiLine can help administrators inform their student body information about course registration deadlines, campus services, university news, and announcements. 
  • Alumni 

    • MultiLine can help universities build lasting relationships with their alumni network, and keep them informed and engaged on Alumni events, fundraising campaigns, and career services.  

There are compliance requirements for contacting many of these groups, such as call recording announcements, student privacy laws (such as FERPA), and consumer protection laws (such as TCPA). University IT can set up MultiLine to ensure that whenever administrators call or text groups other than faculty, the appropriate compliance policies are applied. It protects administrators and professors by seperating work from personal in mobile communications. 


While professors are typically provided with an office phone number and email for routine communication with students and faculty, these channels may not suffice for extensive research, field trips, or long-term projects. Mobile communication becomes increasingly important in these circumstances. There is increasing publicity about the importance of text communicaiton in higher education, read here.

With Movius, professors can communicate with students and colleagues anytime, anywhere, without compromising their privacy or professionalism. 

Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators (PIs) are researchers who play a crucial role in securing and managing grants for research projects at universities and other research institutions. PIs are typically faculty members with expertise in a specific field or discipline and are responsible for designing and leading research projects funded by grants. 

Research grants are limited in scope. In conducting research, functionality, professionalism, and communication are important. So, how do you solve this problem? You need to have ease of access and reliable communication between all team members.   

In efforts involving many researchers and students, human subjects, clinical contacts, different departments, coordination is difficult, but MultiLine makes it easy. Check out more on secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) page.

Get an A+ with Movius in higher education 

University employees can now enjoy the convenience of using their office phone number on their smartphone with the MultiLine app by Movius. This powerful app enables compliant texting, voicemail, and social messaging, all while retaining the original office phone number. Even when employees leave the university, administrators can simply reassign or forward the phone number, ensuring callers and texters still reach the right person. 

In today’s academic world, every budget needs to deliver a return on investment. Movius delivers reliable, secure, and affordable communication for your team members, students, and professionals alike. With Movius, you get the most out of your investment. 


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