Movius Use Case: Insurance

January 25, 2018

Scenario: Empowered clients are going to communicate with agents in the manner most convenient to them — even if that method creates compliance or security issues — so the real issue is, how will agencies manage mobile calls and texting? Forward-thinking companies are using the power of mobility to create positive client-agent experiences.

How can the relationship between insurance agent and customer be improved? Believe it or not, a full 60 percent of insurance clients believe they don’t get any additional value from their agent or broker after they’ve written a check. On top of that,  86 percent think the communication with their agent is lacking. With that kind of dissatisfaction in our market, it’s clear that a path to an improved customer experience is crucial.

Here’s where Movius comes in.

The fact is, people are going to do business on their personal devices, in the same way they use the devices for personal communication. For customers, it’s about convenience; managing claims, paying bills, sending required information to an agent. For insurance agents, it’s about texting clients directly, with a number that stays within the company. For managers, it’s about keeping the business identity; should an agent leave or move from their role, the firm is able to immediately re-assign the number to the new person in the position. This ensures that clients are able to get to the right person at the right time, and the firm is able to take control of a key corporate asset – the client.

Juniper Research estimates that one billion personally owned devices will be enrolled in BYOD programs by 2018. That’s one billion opportunities for your company to lose control over business conducted on personal devices — unless you’re a Movius Multi-Line user. With Multi-Line, insurance companies can provide a distinct business mobile number on their agent’s existing personal phone for all client call and text communications. The secure, cross-carrier solution makes it easy to separate personal and business communication on any mobile phone, while providing carrier-grade quality and enterprise-class security and controls that firms require.

Multi-Line helps meet the mobile communication compliance requirements for regulated industries. For example, under FINRA regulatory guidance on texting released in April 2017, text messages must be retained as if they were written or email communications. With Multi-Line, advisors’ business voice and text communications are captured with the app and can be stored in the firm’s existing archiving platform. You don’t need to add or change a SIM, and you can enable built-in recording for specific individuals or divisions of your organization. Personal communications and data remain private to the employee while business-related communications are encrypted.

Thanks to Movius, you don’t have to change the way you want to do business in order to do business well.

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