Movius Launches Movius WorkPhone for Enterprises

December 14, 2015

ATLANTA, GA – December 14, 2015Movius, a global provider of cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions, today unveiled Movius WorkPhone™, the first and only smartphone application to mobilize business phones to mobile devices leveraging either TDM voice or VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) services on any employee preferred smart device and telecom carrier. The powerful SaaS-based business mobility solution also provides real-time information to IT and compliance managers for work-related voice, messaging and data consumption. This helps enterprises reduce expenses and control costs, increase productivity and remain compliant with corporate and industry regulations.
“As BYOD and COPE gains increasing acceptance among enterprises, businesses are realizing that giving employees the freedom of using their own mobile devices for work purposes is opening up a Pandora’s box of problems as they relate to record-keeping, expense management and compliance issues,” said Dominic Gomez, president and CEO, Movius. “Movius WorkPhone solves these issues by providing enterprises with a solution that enables employees to easily segregate business and personal calls, texts and data application usage while simultaneously giving IT departments the ability to measure employee data usage necessary to optimize cost allocations and accurately reimburse employees for their business-related usage.”

Movius WorkPhone provides enterprises with a wealth of capabilities, including:

  • Compliance & Cost Control – WorkPhone simplifies auditing and employee reimbursements, meets compliance requirements and optimizes telecommunications expenses with real-time visibility into enterprise wireless telecom services.
  • Expense Reduction – Movius WorkPhone prevents businesses from receiving enormous mobile phone charges from employees who travel internationally.
  • Cross-Carrier Flexibility – Work phone and Split-billing functionality that works with whichever service provider your employees prefer to use.
  • Clear, Uninterrupted Communications – Calls are placed over both traditional wireless voice networks (TDM) and VoIP (which includes cellular data 3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi) services, ensuring minimal call drop-offs and consistently clear communications on any carrier, whether around the block or around the globe.
  • PBX Integration – Full integration with enterprise phone systems such as Polycom provides employees with complete, untethered access to other contacts, emails and company documentation on their devices, whether located in the company’s headquarters or in the field.
  • EMM Integration – Movius has strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading EMM vendors, including AirWatch® and Samsung KNOX™, allowing for enterprises to deploy WorkPhone through EMM vendors of choice and having a single point of contact for all needs.
  • Training & Compliance – Movius’ training services allow businesses to continually improve upon their practices and remain in compliance with corporate regulations by instructing employees on standards and by monitoring employee performance for improvements and recognition.
  • Professional Services – Movius Professional Services is available around the clock to help enterprises optimize WorkPhone to meet their business needs.

“Most enterprises today are allowing their employees to use their own personal mobile devices for business purposes. However, this increasingly presents opportunities for leaked corporate data, expensive costs from international travel and a headache for those within the business who are responsible for keeping the company compliant,” said Eric Klein, senior analyst at VDC Research Group. “Movius WorkPhone provides a simple, highly effective and inexpensive solution that can help enterprises to streamline expenses through split-billing capabilities; monitor and regulate costs for business calls, data and texts; and keep an audit of business-related activities to stay compliant.”

Pricing and Availability

Movius WorkPhone is a subscription-based service costing U.S. $29.99* per user per month and is available for immediate download through either the Apple App Store or Google Play. To calculate the ROI from deploying Movius WorkPhone and to request a demo, please visit:

Sitting on top of the powerful Movius CAFÉ platform, Movius WorkPhone provides the only Over the Top (OTT) service in the market that allows carriers to grow revenue and add subscribers profitably. By helping smaller carriers to attract new customers from their competition, Movius drives “gross adds” and is viewed as one of the most disruptive multiple phone lines and split billing service providers in the mobile market.

Movius WorkPhone enables enterprises to increase security and reduce telecommunications expense by managing separate invoicing for business activities. Most importantly, myIdentities Secure provides employees with privacy by keeping their personal information separate from work with a simple swipe and helps the employee be more productive by providing access to enterprise communications resources on their mobile phone. In addition, services such as Movius WorkPhone enable customers to keep their devices longer and gives them the flexibility to use their devices on any mobile carrier platform.

*Pricing may vary based on feature set.

About Movius

Movius is a global provider of cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions that help to streamline enterprise productivity and communications costs, while addressing the needs for corporate compliance. The company’s powerful applications help businesses and end-users organize and analyze their enterprise mobile communications experience through separate, high-quality work mobile phone lines on any BYOD or COPE device.

Leveraging Movius’ versatile CAFÉ platform, Movius’ myIDs Secure effectively separates all work-related voice, messaging and data consumption, offering employers the analytics they require to meet budgets and regulatory policies while still offering employees the privacy they expect. Movius myIDs Secure can be used on any carrier and uses both traditional circuit switch voice and VoIP services, providing users with the highest quality of service. To learn how to solve your enterprise communications needs visit, follow our updates on LinkedIn ( and Twitter @MoviusCorp.

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