Kicking off the New Decade: New Brand, New Additions to Leadership Team

January 28, 2020

A colloquial phrase that rises to the top each January is “new year, new me.” While it usually speaks to taking on healthier habits such as exercise or dropping bad habits like smoking, organizations increasingly live this mantra at the beginning of each year by reinventing or reorganizing corporate goals and strategies. At Movius, we are orienting this notion towards our clients and partners. 

In the new decade, we are doubling down on our commitment to client success. While we have spent the last several years architecting our products and solutions to provide customers with innovative and cutting-edge technologies to improve their communication workflows and decrease static in their working lives, we want to further understand how customers interact with Movius solutions and work with customers to continue to integrate our products into critical workflows for their organization’s benefit. 

Expansion is the name of the game in 2020. To begin the year, we have grown our client-facing teams to better connect with customers around their experience with the Movius platform, onboard new customers, field questions and architect strategies to help customers leverage Movius products to improve workplace productivity. Our expansion does not stop there! 

We have also appointed two key executives to our roster who will help push Movius forward on behalf of our clients. First, Tim Fitzpatrick will join Movius as Chief Revenue Officer. Tim brings a multitude of enterprise experience to the role, previously serving as VP of Sales at Jive Software where he was instrumental in driving sales growth for the company. Prior to Jive, Tim held sales leadership positions at HP Software, Mercury Interactive, and McAfee. At Movius, Fitzpatrick will be responsible for guiding revenue goals and management.

Second, we are also happy to introduce Sean Winter as Movius’ VP of Global Client Success. Sean will be leading the global team responsible for supporting the client from successful launch to identification of new use cases, and ongoing strategic support that increases satisfaction, maximizes the Movius experience and ultimately drives retention and growth. Sean is an industry veteran, having led the client success practice at Cornerstone OnDemand, Jive Software, and Capital One.  

Finally, we are also speaking with various organizations to solidify partnerships to help us expand into new markets, industries and regions. There will be more to come here so stay tuned! 

New Look

As we begin a new chapter in Movius’ history, we are beginning our journey with a new look and feel for the company: 

Building brand identity and reputation becomes the sum experience of every touch point your customer has with your product so it’s important we provide a thoughtful and consistent experience. More than just a logo, it feeds from having a solid understanding of your company values and aspirations and knowing your target customer extremely well. 

From a visual perspective, we wanted to create a logo mark that was simple, versatile, timeless, and striking. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Creating memorable brand experiences is captured in everything we do from mission statement, to messaging, to navigation on the website, employees, to the buyer’s journey.

Customers are driving the new employee experience of the future with our platform that allow them to engage, connect and learn from their clients in new and meaningful ways. It’s our job to continue to listen to our customers and partners to fuel our everyday and build lasting connections.  We’re very excited for what is in store for 2020 and beyond. We’d like to thank our customers and partners as we forge ahead in this new decade. Wishing everyone a happy and successful new year and decade!

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