MultiLine Privacy Quick Facts

5 MultiLine Privacy Quick Facts

September 8, 2022

There is a growing concern among users that they should make sure the apps on their phones respect their privacy. We agree. Here’s 5 MultiLine Privacy Quick Facts that prove it.

  1. By design, MultiLine only accesses activity performed on the app. It will never access activity outside of the app, so all text messages and conversations performed on your native phone will be private.
  2. Without MultiLine, other solutions might further compromise your privacy. For example, if your company needs to manage your work correspondence to meet compliance regulations, they might choose to record all activity on your phone, including personal activity. MultiLine, on the other hand, separates work from personal.
  3. MultiLine does not read, store, transmit, or share any of your personal Contacts information. It will never upload or store any personal contact to any server or cloud.
  4. The picture messages you send and receive in MultiLine are not stored on your camera roll or anywhere on your personal device.
  5. Unlike data-mining companies (such as popular search engines and social media web sites) that profit by tracking your behavior and selling your data, Movius does not.  MultiLine is implemented with state-of-the-art privacy protection technology and securely encrypts all data end-to-end.

Want to learn more MultiLine Privacy Quick Facts? Visit our Privacy FAQ in the Help Center. Did you know we’re also compliant with GDPR?

Author: Jane-Marie Auret

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